Chicago, The Great Fire, and The American Way

Earlier today we were cruising by Wrigley field while the crowd was building for a Cubs game.  A man in the street, looking at the red, white, and blue Obama sticker on our flag-painted car waved, and with wry smile yelled, “God Bless America!”  Chicago gets it.  The flag is everywhere in this town, but nobody lets it touch the dirt of a defeatist view towards civic duty.  Surrounded by towers of stone their forefathers built from the ashes of the Great Fire, they have a very visceral recognition of their responsibility to build up, not tear down–to make things better for the next generation, not shrink from former greatness.

Maybe it’s the businessman in them, maybe it’s their immigrant roots, but it just makes sense.  Wanting to make things better for your country and for the next generations is what built America, and the people who came before us weren’t afraid to step-up like adults and pay the bill.  The public libraries, parks, monuments (like Mount Rushmore), and infrastructure are a testament to Americans whose taxes built our civilization.

Our first day in Chicago, we toured Obama Campaign Headquarters.  Watching the rows and rows of bright-eyed young adults working away at their computers, I could see that they got it too.  The new posters the Design Team had hung all around were filled with the vintage sentiment and old-timey fonts of Americana–with messages like: “We are AMERICANS, we don’t give-up: we see challenges and we make solutions.”  The whole scene was right up our alley.  Americans have had enough defeatism.  We want to roll-up our sleeves, get over this Tea Party nonsense about cutting our contributions to society, and get back to the work of making our country better.

Driving through Indiana now, we are surrounded by what seems like the million pulsating ruby lights of a massive wind farm–the real hard evidence of Obama’s Stimulus Package.  We’ve seen scores of these new wind farms on our journey.  Obama’s wind mills are paying down-homes farmers cold hard cash to make power for America.  From these spires of America’s spirit, to the thousands of miles of fresh freeway, to countless rebuilt bridges, the Stimulus that saved America from a deeper depression is everywhere.  Anybody who says it did nothing to help is full of horse crap.  If they don’t want to keep America’s tradition of progress, they can get out.


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